Now its easier to protect your familys comfort through every season! The Family Plan is a simple agreement with Family Plumbing & Heating providing your family with consistent priority service throughout the year! For one monthly price, you will enjoy:

•  20% discount on all home repairs, not just the furnace

•  Priority scheduling – no waiting for service

•  Discounted After Hour Rates

•  $25 plumbing repair coupon

•  $25 humidifier or air cleaner installation coupon

•  $100 water heater replacement coupon

•  $100 new / replacement water softener coupon

•   Annual precision tune up on your heating system

Customers on the Family Plan will be able to:

•  Reduce or eliminate breakdowns

•  Extend equipment life

•  Reduce energy bills

•  Keep your family safe

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Family Plumbing & Heating are air quality expertsAir Quality – While most people would think twice before eating from dirty dishes or drinking impure water, surprisingly few take the steps necessary to understand the quality of the air inside their own home. Yet, indoor air pollution inside the typical American home is typically 2-10 times higher than outdoor air pollution and by some estimates is responsible for as much as 50% of all illnesses. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers indoor air pollution the number one environmental health problem in the United States.

The first step is to improve the quality of air inside your home is to have a professional Indoor Air Quality expert like those at Family Heating & Cooling test and evaluate it. Once you have all the facts, and have discussed the findings with the professional, there are proven means for improving your home’s Indoor Air Quality they can help you implement.